help with JVC GR-DVL150, please!

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    Hello everyone1
    My question is very simple, but unfortunately, english is my second language, and i find the instruction book quite confusing.
    How do i connect my camera to a PC (with windows XP), to download still images, or videos?, What cable or software do I need, and how do I get it?.
    Ive been in several shops, and nobody seems to be able to help me with this, so i would appreciate any info you can give me.
    Thank you!!
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    Rainham Essex
    To get video from your camcorder onto your PC you need the following:

    A firewire port on the PC. These are often not built into a PC, but a firewire card can be plugged into any spare PCI slot on the motherboard. It will cost from around £20. These can be bought from most PC shops or or and many others.

    A DV cable. 6pin to 4pin - 6 pin goes into firewire port on PC and 4pin end goe into firewire port on camcorder. If you are buying the firewire card it will be supplied with the cable, else buy one as above.

    Still images via card reader or firewire. Most modern camcorders will have a card slot for smartmedia/compact flash etc. The camcorder will copy stills to the card which you then plug into a reader on the PC. You can record stills to a DV tape and then transfer via firewire.

    Software. Windows XP comes with Movie Maker. Download the free upgrade from the Microsoft web site to MM2. This will enable you to capture, edit & output you video back to tape/CD/DVD. You could also buy programmes such as Pinnacle Studio 8 for around £70 from the above places.

    Firewire is also known as ieee1394, iLink, DV & OHCI


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