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First of all Apologies if this question is posted in the incorrect place.
Im in serious need of some advice on how to proceed with a warranty issue with John Lewis in regards to a Sony Bravia 55Xe8596 purchsed from them.

less than 15 days after the TV was purchased they replaced the TV as their technical team diagnosed it as being faulty( the issues was the TV was very slow and would randomly reboot/not start among other things)and could not be fixed i did not know it would lead to future issue so i had no issue going for the same model.however less than a month in to having the replacement the same issues cropped up again along with some additional issues as really bad motion blur.. etc. this would occur multiple times a day and then it would be OK for may be even 2 weeks before it would start again , every time i would call them ( always over 30 mins get hold of some one) they would ask me to clear cache , re-set the TV to factory setting ,update firmware.. etc.. now i had done these things already but i stuck to what they told me , this continued for some time until i contacted Sony direct because JL seemed to be fobbing me off .
Sony seemed very receptive but suddenly after about 2 months they said id be better off talking to JL , which is when i left a review under the product page on the sony website but for that too i never got a reply.
unfortunately i gave up after this for awhile until last year when it was almost impossible to watch any Tv at all as the issues got progressively worse ,JL Decided to send it for repair , the first company they had booked didn't show up, no call no notice nothing at all. they got another company booked in ho to be honet was excellent when i got call from them as JL hadn't listed the faults when they booked the repair , when i told them the issues tthe person knew straight away what the problem was and said it was very common (main board).i was informed they can only replace a like for like part from Sony and told it was not unusual for it to happen again .
Barely a month after having the TV the exact issues are happening again , and JL has booked a repair , The Repair Company has company has called me today and has told me that this is a fault in the main board they replaced and they will have to take it away again for a repair to replace it with the same part , I asked surely this is bound to happen again as this is the going to be the 2nd repair for the same part and 3 times ( with the initail TV replacement) they have admitted that they cannot guarentee this could be a permant fix as they had a quite a few of these and for me to call JL.
BUT JL insists that they can repair as many times as they want even if its the same fault and the same part , only time they look at other options( what ever that may be) is if the cost of repair goes above what i paid for it ( £900+ i belive) this is unlikely as i think a main board cannot be more than £80-100 for a professional repair outfit.

i want to ask the all the knowledgeable folks here are JL correct to insist on multiple repairs for the same fault indefinitely , because now im sure form what i gather from the repair outfit this will come back to haunt me very soon . what are my Options and rights in dealing with JL?

Apologies for the long post and looking forward to your advice .


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First of all I would say that you need to go to Citizens Advice to find out exactly where you stand. They can provide proper legal advice.

If I am not mistaken you have accepted a replacement/Repair rather than a refund. If you had asked for a refund after the initial issue then JL would have had to refund you your money. Under consumer law because you accepted a replacement/repair then that is all you can get moving on. What I would look for is to see if you can get Sony to admit to a problem with that particular model. It will not be easy as the manufacturer will be unwilling to admit to such. Asking the repair company how many they have repaired would be a start.
JL themselves, from what you have said, have followed the rules completely and tried to alleviate your problem with varying degrees of success. I would say they have probably done more than some other companies would have done. I would take up the issue of the no show with them but do it in a constructive matter. e.g. say to JL it doesn't make them look good when a repair company contracted by them doesn't show up. This will damage their reputation and consumer trust in them.


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Thank you for your reply, yes JL was very apologetic about the first company not showing up, and had been throughout, but it hasn't solved the problem ,I've recorded all the conversations, but not the one that repair company said they have had to replace many of theesee main boards.they knew what the problem was straight away it was Actually the owner of the company who was very helpful.
I however did record the second conversation with them which the another owner admitted that the replaced main board had a fault, and even if it's rare to get the same faults do soon with time they do come back I was told , so I guess JL will keep changing them indefinitely.

As for accepting the repair I think I have to give them that chance after the first 6 months.the TV replacement happened during the first 14 days again same fault,but fault finding done by JL technical support, and it took over 90 mins on the phone believe it or not, they accepted the same on the phone during my last call , they keep saying apologies for your issues 🤔.
After the 6 months and Sony not helping,I was under the impression I had to give them a reasonable chance at repair I was unaware I could refuse it . Further I didn't think the issue s would come back within the month , I just assumed Sony would have released a new updated board even though the repair centre hinted its bound to happen again.
Anyways many thanks for your suggestion I will try to get advice from. CAB.

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