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    Hi all

    I have just bought a Sony RDRGX210S DVD recorder and have a issue when playing discs etc through my RGB socket on my TV.

    When I connect the recorder to the Scart socket 1 on my TV which is RGB enabled, the black bars on widescreen DVD movies/recordings, and televison pictures whilst viewing through the recorder change colour and where the bars meet the picture it looks a little fuzzy. For example if there is desert scene on screen with lots of yellow sand, the bars tinge yellow and so on as the main colour in the picture changes.

    When I connect to my Scart socket 2 this does not happen at all (bars stay black, no fuzzing) but obviously this doesn't give as good a picture as a properly working RGB connection would.
    I have tested this using two different scart leads with the same results so it's not that and have set the recorder up correctly accoring to the manual.
    Can anyboday shed any light on why this is happening? My TV is a few years old now (Hitachi C28WD2TN) but I've never has any problems with all of my other equipment (my previous DVD player, a Toshiba, worked fine using an RGB singnal).

    Any thoughts/ideas/help would be greatly appreciated it's really bugging me!

    Many thanks. :)

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