Help with InFocus LP730 (colour bleeding)


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Oct 1, 2005
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Hello all :)

I've just acquired an Infocus LP730 from my work (details here).

The lamp has only been used for 117 hours (out of the recommended limit of 2000) but there are a couple of problems with the unit.

1) The image appears to show green/red colour fringing vertically. This occurs even when displaying the units menu. For each item in the menu, there appears to a single pixel width line above the item in green (or red, can't remember which exactly) and there is a single pixel width line below each item in the other colour.

2) I can get no signal from my laptop into the unit. Using the Yellow/Red/White phono plugs works fine when tested with a PS2.

Is the colour fringing problem fixable without going to a service place? If so, how?

Anyone got any ideas about the PC signal? The imagesize is correct according to the manual. It displays "Perfecting Image" (or something similar) in the bottom right hand corner, so it appears to detect the PC signal, it just never displays anything.

Thanks in advance for any help :thumbsup:


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