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hi all. v sorry for lengthy post. hoping to cover all here to avoid you needing to ask questions, though delighted to answer any if i'm asked. i would love some guidance. i am after a pair of, probably older, shelf speakers as cost is a major factor. how they look/condition/age unimportant. just need to be able to handle all sorts of music and be LOUD! i care for my mother as she has dementia, so this is why funds are tight. all good though so violins away!, i just have to be patient and creative and do the research. example, i have a pretty decent old technics midi separates system eh600 with dolby 5.1 which i found on gumtree for £50 in mint condition. added surround speakers with small sub and a backup amp and processor for another 30 quid. amazing what one can do if not in a hurry and not too fussy, so seeing if this approach will work with speakers too. spending £500 on new speakers i am sure would do the trick, but would be way more than rest of my system combined i have run audio through a good quality optical out from tv to a fiio k5 pro dac/amp then line out to line in on the technics. now volume nicely boosted and sounds good and clean as also quality leads and upgraded 4 wire type speaker cables. for v little spend it does a good job, but i love my music so looking for more and i feel my neighbours really need to listen to more slayer, jinjer and maybe al jarreau when i am chilling. the technics speakers are pretty decent but now struggling a bit at high vol with the added oomph i can now get out of my system. had no real idea where to start, then thought there may be some wonderfully helpful people out there in av land with the knowledge, patience and lockdown boredom to help me. fingers crossed and thanks v much in advance if it’s you. i have done some recent research and believe my speakers are active crossover 4 wire, 80db, 6ohm. manual says input 160w music and 80w din. output sound pressure level is 84db. 17cm woofer, 12cm mid 6cm tweeter.i believe i need 100 or more db with an efficiency rating over 90 with horn tweeters. any ideas? gerald

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