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Hi folks, looking to complete my home WiFi setup and ensure there are decent speeds around the house.

I currently have:

Asus RT ac68u
Asus RT ac86u

Both are used as individual wireless access points connected via ethernet to my home network and internet (talk talk router with wireless turned of, used just to provide internet to wired network). (Both Asus routers offer separate 2.4 and 5ghz channels).

My main wireless is the 86u. The 68u is in the front room close to door to ensure a strong signal for my Ring Pro doorbell.

However, to simplify things, I want to make use of Asus ai mesh. What I need to know is, would I be better:

Selling both routers and getting the Asus Zenwifi ax xt8 pair and using these for my house and doorbell. Both would be connected via ethernet to the home network - so a wired (gigabyte) backhaul).

Or buying something like the Asus rt88u and adding it to the 68u, 86u and connecting them all to the network via a wired Ethernet connection and then connecting via ai mesh?

Just wondering what would provide the best speeds for me? I do watch 4k over my wireless in my tablet via Plex. I am able to do this fine with the 86u as it seems quite fast. I can't do it with the 68u as it isn't quick enough to provide the bandwidth. I'm just unsure how using different routers will affect speeds etc. I.e. will they be forced to operate at the slowest router in the bunch's speeds etc.

Details of my house to help with answers:

6 bedrooms, 2 living room areas, kitchen, study etc. It's a detached house.

Thank you


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In Wi-Fi networking, each Access Point has it's own "speed" unrelated to anything else - there's no requirement for them all to work at the same "speed." Wi-Fi networking "speeds" can and do vary in real time depending on the signalling conditions and bandwidth requirements and can be different for different clients Associated with the same AP. The can also be different in different directions - the client-->AP speed can differ from the client<--AP speed. The "speed" advertised by each AP if you survey them with a "sniffer" is usually the fastest rate it offers.

To know the speeds of the kit, you need to dig into the datasheets. ASUS are usually pretty good at publishing such things online. Don't forget the clients have their own restrictions. For example, if you have a, say, "only" 72mbps capable client device, then 72mbps is the fastest that client will ever go no matter how fast the AP is.
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I got you. Thanks. Knowing the above, which option do you think would be best for me going forward?

I can see having similar devices with similar specs would likely offer more consistent performance. But that would come at a cost (getting rid of the two current Asus routers and replacing them with a pair of XT8).

I guess I'm trying to find out if adding an Asus rt-ax88u (expensive in itself) would be more cost-effective than changing to XT8. I also want to 'future proof' as much as one can when Wifi is concerned. The choice I make will have little impact on my wired network. This is purely from a wi-fi standpoint.

Not too sure at the moment...


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Just a bump for any folks in the know? I am keen to get this sorted asap.

Two options - what's best for going forward?

1) Sell current 2 Asus routers and go down the XT8 Zenwifi route
2) Keep my Asus 86U and add an Asus AX88u - combine via AI Mesh (wired backhaul)?

Potential Third option:

Keep both Asus routers AND add an AX88U for AIMesh.

Thank you :)


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Well your setup is not to far from mine. I too am with TT on FTTC I get top down load speeds as my house a few yards from main phone exchange (and green cab) My main gateway/router/modem is a ZYXEL XMG3927-B50A this is connected via cat5e to a TP-Link Archer AX50 router and also by Powerplugs to a TT router. I try and use cable for all devices if not use the 5GHz from the Archer as this in main living room. I get great speeds from all routers when I move around the house log on to each one. I dont think you can do any better than your doing. If you can use the cable connections but hard for all but say main smart tv use the cable and any fixed devices if possible


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I can't give you a steer as to the best option - mostly because I don't see enough kit to have opinions on it, but also some of what you are trying to choose between is a value judgement more than anything.

With a uniform set of AP's, the usage experience should be more consistent, but that's not to suggest that it's necessarily an "bad thing" to have a heterogeneous mix.

In my day job, I've built some big Wi-Fi systems and we'd be buying dozens/hundreds of AP's a time and naturally they would all be the same. Except where they aren't, because of some special odd "corner" that needs something a bit different - but even them we'd be buying from the same product range so we can manage the whole lot from one platform.

But at home, where I've only got 2 AP's (which don't "talk" to each other at all) the acquisition has been piecemeal as it occured over time as needs emerged and if I'm totally honest based on what was cheap at the time. I've got a 20GBP router (still going strong after 7 years or so) and 20 GBP Repeater (which I wouldn't buy again because of the way it handles IP addressing.)

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