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Help with Home MP3 streaming solution...



I want to set up an unobtrusive sound system which streams my MP3s from a central "server" PC to different rooms using ceiling mounted speakers.

I have used Netgear MP101 streamer to date to stream the sound to an existing hifi system and have the wireless network already in place.

Sound quality is not too critical I am looking for background and occasional use really, no surround sound or audiophile standard required.

I have looked at Sonos solutions which look good but expensive.

Has anyone got any experience here that they would be willing to share?

I am fitting downlighting in the ceiling in the main room so no big deal to fit a couple of high quality ceiling speakers but not sure where to wire them to and where to locate a Sonos control unit to which speakers would attach and which would need power source. Would rather not have to cut wire into the walls, maybe I could have the controller in the room above and the wireless control panel would access it from there?

Any experiences or advice appreciated........


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You could get a few t-amps:

Stick those in the roof with a wire connecing to any one of the streamers, which could then be on ground level (you could run the wire down the wall)

Or you could run speaker wire down the wall to a speaker wall plug and have both amp and player on ground level.

The Sonos would also work, it would just be a case of either putting each Sonos unit in the loft, or running speaker cables down the walls.

You would need one Sonos connected to the server by wire though as it sets up its own network


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I think with any of the systems you'll have the same problem with the wiring.

As for the Sonos, the controller works through walls, so I would imagine it'll work through floors, so you could have the ZP100/ZP80 in the room above, just plugged into a normal wall power socket, and then the speaker wires going down through the floors to the in-ceiling speakers below.

The good thing about the Sonos ZP100 is having the amp built in, it's quite an easy solution, but I would say you really won't be getting the benefit of the sound quality the Sonos is capable of with ceiling speakers. Price comparable stand mounts will deliver a far superior sound (but I know you've said it's not that important to you).

Also remember you can feasibly run two sets of speakers from one Sonos with a speaker switch.

You could try the Logitech Wireless DJ, but you would then need to get seperate amplification.

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