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    hi all
    i am having problems
    i have backed up my home movies onto a dvd+rw with my standalone philips dvdr880
    ive used smartripper to rip the vobs to my hard drive but it says that they are of ntsc format when all my equip. is pal- powerdvd says that the vobs on the dvd+rw are pal
    anyway ive used dvd2avi to encode the vobs to avis but im new to this and there was 13 avis at 1gb each i used no compression for the 24min home movie
    i loaded them into dv studio v8 and edited them then wrote them off to my h/drive in svcd format
    i then used nero to burn the movie as svcd
    the quality is pants very jerky
    wot am i doing wrong should i be using tmpgenc in the process and wot setting should i use with it
    ps why is smartripper saying my dvd+rw backups are ntsc
    if you could help me i would be greatful

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