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Help with home cinema system


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I have a friend in Spain and he want to upgrade his cinema system, we found a good shop here is Bilbao, Spain near from where we stay but the guys from the shop i think they want to rip him off big time. The first estimation was something like €35000. They were putting a plasma 50'' a projector a sound bar and a set of speakers sold separately, a expansive subwoofer, the HDMI like €110 each. I managed to drop the price for him a bit but they still come with another crapy estimation. My friend is 50 year old and wants a decent system in case he want to watch a decent movie in blueray, or watch a concert, he has allot of west movies. Anyway the room is very odd L shaped (see photo bellow). Basically they want to sell him this:

1x Pioneer 50'' KRP-500A - €2112.07 (ex vat)
1x Pioneer BDP-LX52 Blueray - €443.97 (ex vat)
1x B&W Panorama Soundbar - €1551.72 (ex vat)
1x Subwoofer B&W Pv1 - €1293.10 (ex vat)
1x TV Table Spectral PL141 - €732.76 (ex vat)
2x Optical Cables 1m €59.48 each - €118.97 (ex vat)
1x Coaxial Cable 1m - €56.03 (ex vat)
1x Line Conditioner Furutech Etp60 +Cable €443.97 (ex vat)
1x Subwoofer cable 10m - €129.31 (ex vat)
2x HDMI Chord 1.3c 1m €107.76 each - €215.52 (ex vat)
Total €7097.41 + VAT €1135.59 = Total €8233.00

Now for the shape of the room and for the location of the TV in my opinion the Panorama system is not going to work, because on the right the room is open, also that subwoofer it looks to excesive for this system. Also I dont agree with such expensive cables, as far as I know HDMI1.3 a,b,c have no diference on the quality, and last is that Line Conditioner Furutech Etp60 +Cable worth buying? Bellow is what I think will be best for him.

1x Pioneer 50'' KRP-500A - €2112.07 (ex vat)
1x Pioneer BDP-LX52 Blueray - €443.97 (ex vat)
1x Pioneer SC-LX72 - €1292.24 (ex vat)
1x Q-Acoustics, Av-pack 5.1 - €669 (inc vat)
1x Tech + Link, 680211/3/5 Oprical Cable - €22.90 (inc vat)
2x HRL Definition 1.5m, HRL-HDMI 1.3b €27.90 each - €55.80 (inc vat)
1x Subwoofer Eagle-Cable, Mono Sub-RCA 5m - €15.90 (inc vat)
Total Inc VAT €5227

The table its up to him what he wants, I think the Q-Acoustics, Av-pack 5.1 will perform better then the Panorama, the center speaker can blend in with the TV, and 2 speakers in the back so he will actualy hear some surround effects, The HDMI i think its not point to pay double just because they are 1.3c, as far as I know there is no improvement in sound or video between a, b or c, same goes for optical and subwoofer. But is it worh to get the Line Conditioner Furutech Etp60 +Cable? Will it have a positive effect on the system? Also will the subwoofer 150W from the Q-VA will be enough? If now I guess we can always get another sub.

Can you please help me with this system please any sugestions and recommendation, we want to get over with this.

The shop website is http://www.supersonido.es if you want to make any recommendations.

P.S. He only want the cinema sound and subwoofer into the part of the room where the TV and sofas are.

Thank you.

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