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    Hey all,

    Please bear with me as I am a complete novice. Here is my situation....

    I just bought a pioneer vex-830-k receiver. This powers everything for my audio at home. My tv is hooked via optical line. PS3 via hdmi. In my living room I have two front speakers, center, two rears and a subwoofer. I just bought four cheap rock speakers for outside off amazon. I am not looking for crazy volume but id like to be able to hear the music outside over multiple conversations going on (aka a party). Here is how I have it wired....

    Speaker A and B (Front) from the receiver wire going to the input of speaker selector box. Surround, Center, (soon to be sub) go directly to receiver.

    On the speaker selector box....

    Front A and B speakers go into one of the zones.

    All outdoor speakers go into other zones.

    My issue is the outdoor speakers are never loud enough. Do I need a separate AMP to power the outdoor ones as well? The wire run is about 50 feet per speaker, I used 16 gauge wire to do the runs. The speaker selector box does have impedance protection. Any help is appreciated and please bear with me

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