Help with headphones/amp selection for my 360



I've searched the forum and had a good look on the rest of but haven't really been able to find the right answer to this.

I've decided to go with a dedicated monitor setup for my Xbox. In this room I intend to predominantly use headphones to listen to the audio from my Xbox360. My monitor will have no output for audio so I assum I need to have an amplifier to run my audio feed from the Xbox into and then from this power my headphones?

Now this is where I get a bit stuck... I know the Xbox does surround sound by way of the optical cable (but not the conventional audio cables I don't think). Reading around a bit it seems that the headphone setups that have multiple speakers within get a pretty poor write up, so should I buy an amp/setup that can simulate surround from this signal?... what sort of thing am I looking for, I'm a bit stuck on this.


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