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stu 5r

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Iv'e got the Pio 435XDE, Pio 868AVI dvd player and Sky HD. I originally connected the DVD player via HDMI and everything was o.k., then added sky HD via HDMI and connected DVD via component, all o.k. Used this setup for about 3 months.
Then added Pio VSX1016 amp, connected sky and DVD via HDMI, sky works fine but DVD HDMI light just flashes on and off. Tried the dvd player on friends media box and HDMI o.k. Changed the leads round on my setup but still no good, tried connecting DVD player direct to media box but HDMI light still flashes. DVD player will still work fine via component.
Any ideas to what's going on?

Any help much appreciated.

Thanx Stu


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Are the settings on the media box set to HDMI, I had a similar problem when unplugging cables the media box reverted to factory settings.


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Have you tried it with the Sky box disconnected?
The HDMI on the Sky box stays active even in standby and could be overiding something on the amp. Just a thought anyway.

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