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I'm thinking bout getting a xbox elite and want to connect it via the hdmi, however my TV doesn't have a HDMI just a DVI slot, what will I need to connect them? also the sound for it will be run through an amp, what will I need for this? Sorry bout the novice questions?


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You can use either a HDMI-DVI cable for the video, or a HDMI-HDMI cable with a HDMI-DVI adapter on the TV end. As I understand it, the Xbox360 elite comes with an optical audio out via an adapter which you get in the box, you would then simply get an optical cable to connect the adapter to your amp (assuming of course your amp is a surround sound amp, and you have a free optical input). Alternateively you can use the stereo audio out if you do not have a optical audio input on your amp.

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Hello Mac49

The Physical HDMI to DVI connection is just one part of the Digital Video jigsaw.

You also need to ensure that the DVI Input on your 'TV' is HDCP compliant plus it accepts the signal format your Source outputs; 720p60, 1080i60 etc


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