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Hi All,

I have found an old projector and I thought I'd use it for a small home cinema type thing. The problem is that it has the following connections... VGA, SVIDEO and Composite Phono Connections. The projector is actually XGA with the following native resolution: 1024x768, although the manual says it can go up to SXGA 1280x1024 compressed.

So I looked for an adapter that would convert the HDMI source (like an Android box) to VGA... but there are lots and lots ranging from £5 to £50. Why?

I would rather the £5 one obviously, but I'm thinking there must be a reason for the range of pricing. Is there an image qualitative difference? Are the powered options just a gimmick or do they make some kind of difference?

Does anyone have any experience to help me make the right and best decision? If there is a qualitative difference between them, the best options for the best value. But also with the most minimum of hassle. I prefer a plug and play, no messing about type adapter.

Also, is it better to run the adapter closer to the source and run a VGA cable for 3m, or run a 3m HDMI cable to the projector and have the adapter closer to the display? Which cable deteriorates less over distance?

Also, I am coming across this non-HDCP compliant statement. I'm assuming that anything watched through the android box should work, but if I install Netflix, would its content play through the adapter? If not, is there a HDCP compliant adapter?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Do you mean component connections? Red Green and Blue in colour. Composite is Yellow in colour.
I ask as it makes a difference.


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