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Just picked up a Harmony H688 off the classifieds. Programming has gone well except for one item that I have scoured the manual and forums for without success.

I have 7 devices listed when I press the device button. They are displayed 3 at a time, so I have to press the 'next' button to access the other items.

My question, is how do I change the order they are shown? They are shown in that order in the Logitech software, but there doesn't appear to be anyway to re-order them?

Can anyone help?


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You can't change the order.

Set up your activities properly and you should pretty much never need to select an individual device.

Go to Activity -> Customize -> Change behaviour of buttons
Assign all commonly used commands to the activity and/or Sound/Picture menus, and you shouldn't need to use device mode.


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Thanks, that puts me out of my misery :) I'm very pleased wth it so far, just a few tweaks required

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