Help with getting everything connected optimally to my iScan HD+


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Until I can get hold of a VP50 I want to get everything connected optimally through my HD+ to the plasma.

Can't get my head round whats passed through the scaler, what is scaled, what outputs are turned off with certain inputs and what the best cables to use.

So this is what I have :

SkyHD box - HDMI or Component
XBox360 - Component or VGA
Wii - Component

So on the HD+ I have :

2x Component
1x VGA

I can either output via DVI or VGA to the plasma although I believe the DVI does not support [email protected] ? But on the other side of the coin the VGA does not support HDCP :suicide:

I'd like to be able to run the Xbox360 and SkyHD at 720p. The HTPC can output 1024x768.

At the moment the Wii is the only one I'm sure about connected via Component. So that leaves for the other 3 :

1x Component
1x DVI
1x VGA

The VGA is passthrough so I'd say its best to connect the HTPC to that ?
If I connect the Xbox360 via component at 720p and the Sky via the DVI at 720p I'm assuming that I'll need to output via the DVI to the plasma as thats the only way i'll get it to work with HDCP ? But I vaguely recall something about it not being that right ?

If the Xbox360 is outputting 720p into the component input does that get scaled or passthru'd ?

Would I actually be better off with this combination ? :

Wii - Component
Xbox 360 - VGA Passthru
SkyHD - Component

As you can see I'm going round in circles a bit. Maybe I should just get a VP50 now but any help would be appreciated :smashin:

As the VGA input on the plasma accepts far more resolutions and frequencies than the DVI would I be better off getting a naughty box between the scaler and the plasma instead of using the DVI ?

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