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Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by gedclink, Jul 19, 2002.

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    Folks, had my setup for over a year and am sure it can sound better. I channel all sound through my Yamaha RX-V800 amp and then into the FS2 sub which takes it to the front L/R and centre and the back L/R..

    I have the amp set to LDE out for the sub and don't play the volume above 60 - 70% volume

    My problems...

    What " size " do I make the front and rear satellites on the amp i.e small or large

    The centre speaker has now started to " fart ". This is a replacement speaker and I appear to have blown it twice. Mission claim this shouldn't happen on the FS2's. Any ideas why?

    The bass reproduction is pretty poor and mostly comes out of the centre speaker

    Certain DVD's e.g shrek sound MASSIVELY better if I sellect 5 channel stereo on the amp and not one of the usual dsp effects.
    There appears to be a lot more sound information coming out of the speakers in 5 channel stereo??

    Any experts ( or not ) offer advice / ideas on the above


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    Just to the right of civilisation

    There are loads of threads that deal with setting these up (normally on Denon amp but the principle is the same). Try doing a search for FS2 on this forum for some really in-depth sucussions on this topic.

    Basic rules though are

    ALL speakers set to large
    Crossover level at 120hz (or highest the amp will go below 235)
    Sub set to LFE+Main

    On the Subwoofer, start with the volume and bass contour at the mid-way point and adjust as needed (these will vary from room to room so there is no hard and fast rule here).

    I never use any DSP preferring to let the amp pick up DD5.1, DTS or PL2 as required, so cant comment but the modes can sound 'flat' compared to a direct feed.

    Let us know how you get on if if you need more info.


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