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Hi all,

I'm after some guidance with regards to the front speakers on our surround sound setup.

We have have a Sony DAV-DZ260. We've had it for almost two years and it has been brilliant. We have the PS3 and SKY HD hooked up to it and have always had good results.

However, in the last few days I have noticed something with the front speakers. I was playing Modern Warfare 2 and I noticed that the dialogue in between gameplay was coming through all three front speakers. I later watched a film on sky and noticed the same thing but the dialogue wasnt quite as loud from the front left and right speakers. The actors were directy in the middle of the screen and not off screen somewhere.

Is this correct?? For some reason I thought that dialogue, for the most part, came from the front centre speaker and then others depending on where the person speaking is. Admittidly the dialogue I've noticed coming from the front left and right speakers is in no way a distraction - its just niggling at me a bit now I know its there. I have carried out a sound test via the home theatre menu each speaker has sound coming out of it accordingly.

Can any one offer any suggestions as to whether this is right? Does it only happen with certain films and or games? If this isnt right can any one offer advice on how to fix it?

Any help would be great.



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Certainly the front stereo speakers would carry some dialogue if the person who is speaking is supposed to be in front of you - but unless you get in touch with the sound editor of the movie in question and ask him whether he directed any dialogue at the front left and right speakers or whether he directed it purely at the centre speaker when producing the 5.1 mix it's going to be difficult to know whether you have a problem or not.

Perhaps if you listed the movie you are talking about, the scene and character who is making the speech, what format you are watching this movie in (which audio output, DD5.1, DS or stereo) and how loud you have each of your speakers in comparison to one another then it may be possible for somebody else to determine whether they have the same issues with the same movie at that same point in the film.

I know that if I disconnect my centre speaker completely I can still hear dialogue when watching something in DD/DTS5.1 - but the dialogue is often much much quieter as it is mixed in with any other incidental audio going on at the sides of the stage.
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