help with formatting USB hard drive - from MAC to PC


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I recently purchased a USB Hard drive, but it was pre formatted in MAC format, now
I use a PC (with windows Xp pro).

i tried connecting the hard drive via usb and firewire cable but it just picks up a unknown device and does not appear in my computer or windows explorer. i tried it on my laptop but same thing.

now i need to reformat this to windows (NTFS or FAT32) but just don't know where to start,

i looked at various internet sites for help with no luck.

model: its LAcie D2 triple interface 320GB.

if anyone can help please i need to back up my work.

Thank you.


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Presuming you have XP - if you right click my computer, then go to Manage and then Disk Management - does it show up there? If so, you may need to format it here first then it should show up as an extra drive in Windows.
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Thanks alot,

it worked

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