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Help with first system?


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After reading a lot on a few forums im looking at getting my first system for my bedroom. I just want an amp and cd player as i will be mainly be using it for playing music from my pc and watching films on my projector which is also hooked to my pc.

I am on a tight budget so was looking at the mourdant short 902i's for £120 then looking at a sub £100 amp. The main contender seems to be a cambridge audio a5 second hand but saw that RS have the Denon PMA255 for £80 as a clearance deal. Does anyone have any opinions on this amp?

The cd player will come later as it is not essential for me and money is tight as allways.

Any comments or opinions welcomed cos you guys know best:smashin:


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i'm not really the best person to answer this question, but as no one else has replied yet i thought i'd chip in
personally, if i was you i would probably invest in some good quality speakers first, and a good amp. Something like the Cambridge audio 340A for £150, or indeed the A5 [which is only £120 at richer sounds]
Once you have a good amp and speakers, you can just connect up your computer until you can get enough for a cd player.

Alternatively i have seen this http://www.hifi4less.com/product.php/1161/62/
or the marrantz http://www.richersounds.com/information.php?cda=static&cst=hifisystems

sorry i couldnt really be of any more help, and i havnt actually tested any of these systems yet- but i am in the same boat as you, and i'm still stuck in the research stage


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MS902s at £120 (or more) are great value and have a good sound.

At £80 you can hardly go wrong with the Denon. Or keep your eyes on the classifieds and look out for an old Pioneer A400- you can get them for under £80 on fleabay.

No idea about CA.

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