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Help with first cam from the latest new Cameras

Discussion in 'Camcorders, Action Cams & Video Making Forum' started by clivegraven, Jun 3, 2003.

  1. clivegraven


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    Yet another person who needs help on their first purchase!!

    I've been hit by information overload after reading up on my purchase and need some sanity from others to help me choose.

    The Choice is as follows (or you can add some more):

    Sony DCR-TRV33 (£589 at ASKdirect.co.uk) has a good spec and its a new model.
    Sony DCR-PC105 (£739 at ASKdirect.co.uk) supersedes a very well regarded PC101 and is not available - yet! eta June?
    Canon MV6iMC (£629 at ukdigital.co.uk) Very New model available now - hopefully puts the problems of the MV5 to bed but I cannot find any reviews or opinions.

    I'm off on holiday to IBIZA in two weeks and then Glastonbury so I want a camera (that’s available real - soon) which is small as possible while being very good in bad light (night club / open air concert) it would be an advantage to take stills that could be printed and have good PC connectivity - I don't understand why Sony release two cameras a couple of years ago with BlueTooth but leave it off the PC103/105 (lack of faith?).

    My favourite was the Canon as its NEW! its the smallest of the three and its supposed to be 'improved night 0 lux' - however without any reviews Sony have the reputation and the reviews etc.
    So my current order or preference is the New Sony PC105 but its not available YET but its New and speculation on it sounds good.
    The TRV33 is last as I'm not as keen on the view finder position - although I don't really understand the pro's and cons of the current trend of virtual cameras like PC101/105.

  2. MartinImber

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    Apr 5, 2001
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    The TRV33 is quite good - memory stick allows a few digital stills to be done - 120 on the M/S I bought - quality is fair.

    It has a Wide CCD so it does proper widescreen.

    Wide Angle is not very wide

    As to viewfinders - I still like the old HVC4000P 1" B&W tube

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