Question Help with Epson XP 312 and WiFi issue / Mac


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Good afternoon folks, wondering if anybody has any ideas before I throw my printer out/through a window.
For a good few years I've been using an Epson XP 312 all in one for wifi printing and scanning without a problem. I use a Macbook (Catalina), Ipad and Iphone for wireless printing.
A couple of months back it starting intermittently not finding the printer in my wifi list on any device and usually restarting the printer would do the trick. It's gradually gotten worse where I'd have to restart about 10 times in different orders to finally get a connection. I'm now at the point I can't get it to connect to anything at all now matter how many times I restart and the menu on the printer, whatever I try (for example 'wifi setup' just says 'Updating. Please wait..' then goes back to the menu.
I've tried updating drivers, software etc on my Macbook to see if it would help but nothing, it's as if the printer isn't recognising itself/wifi.
Any ideas to try or as I looking at a new printer? Any help appreciated as getting quite miffed with it now! :D


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Factory reset is worth trying.

An intermittent problem gradually getting worse can be a sign of hardware failure so it might be worth opening up the printer and reseating the wi-fi card or connector if it exists.


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@EndlessWaves i was going to try a factory reset but with the menu not doing anything I’m not sure how I can?
I had a brief look to see if I could spot where the WiFi card was as well but nothing obvious without fully taking it apart which I wanted as a last resort :thumbsup:

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