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I have a geforce 6200 graphics card and when i try to get my pc to work on my lcd tv via the hdmi socket it comes up saying 'out of range', i got a 5m dvi to hdmi cable for £18 from a local computer shop and i don't know if it's the cable or something else, i've tried changing my resolution on my pc but that doesn't work, please help

Joe Fernand

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Hello Giothehitman

I'd try a shorter cable just in case.

Its most likely to be a set up issue and something like PowerStrip may be required to enable you to Force your PC to Output a signal that's compatible with the HDMI Receiver chip in your Display; see


PS Ensure you turn everything off when your plugging unplugging the cables.


I tried using powerstrip and my pc works on the tv on certain modes but not when it is the primary display, i can't use a smaller cable as the distance between the pc and the tv is about 4m, is there anything else you could suggest or do you know of anywhere who does quality and reasonably priced cables on the net as i have had a look and some places are extortionate



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What tv are you using for this, because i use the same G/card as you and i dont want the same issues.


It is an acoustic solutions lcd tv, cheap but does everything i want it to do. I think the problem is more with either the cable or my pc and not the tv

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