Help With DVB-S2, FTA, Satilite + Programing Setup


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Jan 20, 2010
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Now the paperwork says this is a (DVB-S2) + (DVB-S) unaware of the difference..i dont know what satilite to aim the dish to.. the home had 2 Dish Network Satilites already on the roof from previous owners. it also has a multi switch in the attic to distribute to rooms, What line from the dish would i put the signal meter on, or dose it not matter? I do need a Card of some type i belive to get more channles..When it asks to set your DiSEqC type i understand to select the sngl LNB if you dont know, But I think i Would Select The DiSEqC 1xa/b/c/d, but then i need to select 4 Satilites????? Also i was just looking at the set up and it calls the card WinTV-Nova-S-Plus, unsure if that is the DVB-S because thats what i wanted, also to i Select the check box to find encrypted Ch. and lastly the Video Rendering if you could let me know witch option to choose "Overlay, VRM7, VRM9,EVR" Do i select "Use Video Rendering" thank yo very much

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