Help with distorted colour and image on startup via receiver - TX-43FX550B


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Hi folks,

I have an issue which I think is down to the screen comms but would like some input to keep me on the right track.

I've had this Panny for about a year and it's always done this but I thought it was my Yamaha receiver being 5 years old. Eventually I got fed up with it so took delivery of a Sony STR-DN1080 to see if it fixed the problem. Which it didn't.

My setup is the virgin media receiver goes into the amp, then off to the tv. Sometimes (50% of the time) when I turn on the TV, receiver and media box the image is really low quality. Colours are super-saturated but flat and the on-screen text looks broken in places. If I turn off the amp then back on the image is fine every time, which is why I thought it was the receiver.

Has anyone had similar experiences? It's actually a bit worse now because the Yamaha would turn off and on quickly but the Sony takes a bit longer!

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