Help with disability living allowance, please!


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I'm thinking of going back to university in september (got my interview on wednesday for PGCE in ICT).

I was going to move in with my mother while at Uni, will this affect her disability living allowance or income support? She lives in a corporation house.

She seems to think it may affect her, but if I'm a full time student she won't get charged for anything (council tax, rent, other things :) )will she?


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My missus thinks it's not a problem.
She advises that you speak to CAB or DHSS (or whatever it's called now) or your Jobcentre and they will all give you straight advice.
She also seems to think that you may be able to claim carer's allowance depending on the circumstances.


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As a full time student you are ignored by housing benefit and Income Support. You will need to produce proof from the uni of your full time status for your mum to show the benefit offices.

If you mum gets Disability living allowance for care at the middle rate or high rate, she may be getting an extra income support payment called a Severe Disability Premium. This is an extra £48.45 a week added to her current income support. She gets this if she lives alone and no one claims Cares Allowance for looking after her. She will lose this if you move in so check her income support first.

You as a full time student can not claim Carers Allowance.

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