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Help with digital camcorder purchase


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i am in the market for a camcorder, these are the types i was thinking of...

one that writes to a blank dvdr but i asume that it is standard definition?

a panansonic hd one but only outputs avchd or mp4?

i must be able to watch my home movies on my blu-ray player perferabley on a dvdr as what i really want to do is burn them to dvdrs

my blu-ray player says it plays avchd and mp4s and has a sd card slot but are these formats going to last?

on the newer and next generations of hd formats? like what ever comes next?

is the idea with these hd cams with sd cards that you keep and watch the avchd and mp4s from the sd cards like you would with a vhs tape?

i dont want to be stuck having to watch them on computer?

any help about formats dvdr/avchd choice and brands and models?

also i see that some hd cams take stills jpg are they just as good as a 8mb digital camera?

many thx



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The SD card isn't trying to replace VHS, DVDs or BluRays. It's replacing things like 35mm film, DV and Hi-8 cassettes. SD cards and MP4s are going to be supported for a very long time.

There's been a separation of the kind of thing you're recording onto (internal hard drive, SD card and such) and the kind of file you're recording (MP4, AVCHD) compared to the tapes and disks that camcorders used to use.

I think the most sensible way to operate is to:
- Shoot the footage onto whatever your camera uses
- Copy the footage onto a PC
- Trim out all the bad bits
- Burn the finished item onto a DVD or other widely accepted format (to watch and pass to friends).
- Burn any bits you might want to use again onto another DVD (in the original file format) for archiving
- Delete the footage from your camera

You might not need to archive things but it's always nice to keep a backup for when things go wrong. That's why I don't delete the footage from my camera until I need to.

My Samsung R10 takes stills as good as any similar spec compact but not as good as my old Fuji s6500 even though the Samsung has many more megapixels. It's more about the diameter of the lens and the size of the light sensor in its innards.
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