Answered Help with dented cones and a weird noise.


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As above, got a few dented cones in my speakers (welcome to having kids, was cleaning them with covers off!)

The speakers in question are: BENG V9B 5 PIECE HOME THEATRE FLOOR STANDING TOWER SPEAKERS 1240W WITH COVERS | eBay (i'm from the UK, but they are same speakers)

I'm assuming the fact the cone is dented is part of the reason i'm getting a funny noise at louder volumes. Made a private video on YouTube showing the noise, but that was a test tone of 40-50Hz, which the other speaker handles fine. (it's the left one doing the noise). Wondered if anyone knows if it would be the cone dented, or if i need some kind of replacement (i REALLY hope not). Have tried the usual swapping amps, swapping cables etc it's nothing to do with that.

Here is the Video:

Hope you guys can help! i'm willing to take it apart ONLY if i have to. There are screws on the front anyway :p

Have tried the superglue + q-tip method to try and reverse the dent - no luck and my hoover sucks so not going to happen there really.


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The drive units voice coil is directly beneath the dented area.
I reckon it was twisted out of shape as well.
The voice coil is wrapped around a thin cylindrical former (sometimes Alu.) - this assembly moves in and out of a narrow magnetic slit - any deformity would result in the cylinder scrapping against the slit - thus making that noise.


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Try warming up as piece of Blu-tac and pushing it gently onto the dented cone. Let the Blu-tac cool down (and harden a bit) and then gently pull it - it will hopefully pull out the dents. You'll need to repeat as necessary.

Don't expect it to be perfect but you will hopefully be able to get it back to a working state.

Good luck!


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