Help with denon3801 setup

Hi folks, I'm having a bit of bother with my 3801. When i press the setup button to access the setup menu the onscreen display is not coming up.
My tv is in the correct input mode
Dous the amp have to be in a certain "mode" to let you access the menu?
I have used the menu before but i felt like a bit of tinkering can anybody offer any help?
If not i'll have to reset the thing and start again grrrrrr.
Cheers for any responce,


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What lead have you got connected to the TV? S-Video or Composite? It is connected from the Monitor Out??

It should just output the OSD when connected with either one of these.


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You don't get any OSD output from Composite if there is something connected to the SVideo monitor output.
Jase, thanks- its just a composite

Nigel im not sure what you mean? sorry.


Just get a spare phono lead and connect to the video input next to the S-Video on the back of the amp, then connect to the video input (yellow) on the TV, normally on the the front of the TV. You will have to manually search for the AV channel on the TV. ;)


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Originally posted by John wilks

Nigel im not sure what you mean? sorry.

If you have a lead connected to BOTH the monitor outs (S-Video & Composite) the S-Video is given preference.

Bit odd this, you should be getting a signal. TV is definitely on the right AV channel?? If so, you might have to reset the amp, could be a hiccup, make sure you write down all your settings first!!
yes Jase the TV is on the right AV channel its labeled Denon i only use this for watching VHS as my DVD and sky are connected directly to my TV??? :confused:
Jase i just put a video on and thats working so the cable is ok


Unplug your composite lead from the Amp. Now plug in a S-Video lead from the Amp to a S-Video socket on your TV. Select the appropriate channel on your TV, and you should get the menu display. Like the 3802 i think it may default to S-Video for the display menu.

only problem is its all in a BIG heavy cabinet not a rack and a real pain in the but to get out. Oh well thats me busy for the day sigh.

No pain no gain this hobby isn't it,never boring but darn frustrating,ha ha.


Have a check that you have not got the function "Headphone Only" selected, set up menu is not displayed with this funtion selected.

Are you using the S-Video connection at the bottom of the amp, and not one of the other S-Video connections?

Try the phono option, connect to "video" next to the S-Video at the bottom of the amp labled monitor, just to the right of the digital inputs.
Bob thanks, How do i check the headphone only? will it be on the amps display? if so then its not that.

I need to get to the back of the amp to sort this out me thinks and thats a big job. I'm pretty sure the only video cable coming out of the amp is the composite monitor out ( this is for watching VCR)

Sky is connected to the TV (Sony KP41 DS1U RPTV) scart to scart in the TV's scart 1 socket set to RGB.

DVD is connected to scart 2 in svideo

VCR connected through Denon to tv from monitor out. This composite moniter out goes into a little box that in turn plugs into scart 3 on the telly.
I thought i could get the OSD menu up through this route but nope????
Any more help folks? i am gratefull.


The "Headphone Only" is switchable via the output button on the remote, it was just a thought, but as you have sound from the amp then I would have thought that this function was off. It was just a stab in the dark. :D

The lead you have coming from the back of the amp is this a single phono? Is this the lead that you have going into the little box then into scart 3? If so try unpluging that and connect it to the front video connection on the TV, you should then have the OSD, don't forget to manually search for the front AV channel.
Guys, Thank you all for your help. I've just thought i only wanted a tinker anyway-the system works fine so im not going to kill myself this afternoon trying to work out what probably is a silly litte thing.

I'm buying a recordable DVD player soon and i also want to decorate my room. At that point i'll have to pull out the "monster" that is my cabinet,i dont see much point doing it twice in 1 month just for a tinker i would prefer to do it all in one go. I will print this thread out just in case i need to refer back when i do the job.

Bob i've just noticed that you live in Wakey do you fancy coming round one day for a beer? I'll give you a demo of my system,its modest compared to some but in full flight its a good setup and its always worth hearing a servo15 kick off. Let me know if you do and maybe i could visit the Bob-oplex.

Cheers all,Regards,

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