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Hello everyone. I'm new here and would like any help that the Denon community can offer. I'm having problems with a 4 year old DVD3800. The following letter has been e-mailed to Denon 4 times with no response. I'm a little frustrated.

Does anyone out there have any advice/insight into:
a) What might be wrong with my unit, and
b) A way to get a response/communicate with Denon customer service.

In advance, thank you SO much for any help.

To Whom it May Concern:

I'm hoping you can help me. I've sent three e-mails (6/13, 6/15, 6/20) to [email protected] which have not yielded a response. I'm hoping for better luck here. Please, can someone there look at this e-mail and contact me?

I have a DVD 3800 player that is experiencing some issues. The serial number is 2098403171.

The problems are:

1) Sporadically, I get a split second but total sound drop out while playing a CD or a DVD.
2) Sporadically, the DVD portion freezes for the same amount of time as the CD drop out does, or the image slows down and retards itself.
3) If I attempt to use the Pure Direct mode with digital output, the unit freezes in stops-and-starts, sometimes repeatedly returning to the beginning of the track it was playing, and cannot seem to interpret simple commands (e.g. - play track 15) from the remote. (Pure Direct on analog seems to work fine -- but I should be able to use the optical without this problem -- right?)

All of this happens even if the unit hasn't been on very long at all, and if I put the CD's or DVD's on other players, they don't have these problems.

In other words, something is NOT functioning correctly.

I just brought back the player on 6/13 from an authorized Denon Super Service Center in Batavia, Illinois (Electronic Express) where they replaced/upgraded the laser, installed a new board to accompany that, updated the firmware and replaced the drive motor (not quite sure what it’s called – it’s the brass spindle/platter the disc rests on.) On my own I even replaced the optical cable with an expensive Monster version in an attempt to correct the drop-out problem. All of this has cost me $240.00, 4 separate round trips from Chicago (it’s well over an hour drive and gas ain’t cheap), and I STILL get the sound drop-outs and freezing (although, seemingly, the DVD freezing aspect has improved a bit). I feel that the technicians at Electronic Express have gone as far as they can in attempting to correct this issue (this is in no way a complaint against them - I think they've tried their best), and I do not want to go back there again. As I spent well over $1000.00 on this player (now it’s up to well over $1200), I’d really like to get it working correctly.

I’ve checked the internet, and a few other people who had similar problems DID seem to be able to get it working correctly by going to Denon directly...so I was hoping that the same could happen for me, and I’d not loose my shirt in trying to do so. Is there a technical person, or a customer service supervisor with knowledge of these type of issues who could contact me (by either e-mail or phone call) to discuss this? Is there anything which can be done beyond what has already been replaced? Any advice?

Warm regards,
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