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Help with denon amp connection


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Hello i am hoping to buy the denon 1909 shortly to be the hub of my cinema room.
Now i dont know if this is possible but i want to connect everything i have to the amp (via component and Hdmi) but have the option to play either through the plasma or projector.

Just lets say the above is possible, My main problem is problem is i have sky in my bed room and i want to " Y " split the signal to go into my cinema room.
Now the problem is how do i connect it through my amp so i can watch on the plasma or projector.
My plasma/panel is a panasonic PW7 (which does not have an RF in) only a scart and component in.
I also want to put a desktop computer through it aswell, so how would i connect that up.

My kit list:

Hd-dvd player - connected via Hdmi in
PS3 - connected via Hdmi in
Optoma HD70 projector - connected via Hdmi out
Xbox 360 - connected via component in
Panasonic PW7 plasma - connected via component out

View attachment 106873

Hope someone can help
Many thanks geewhizz


Distinguished Member
Unfortunately the Denon 1909 (in fact any AV receiver) will not downconvert HDMI inputs to Component output. It will do it the other way (component input to HDMI output). You could connect the PS3 via component (which would be output as component and HDMI from the amp) but you would lose the HD audio then.

You can get HDMI to component convertor, but they are expensive, and I'm not sure how good they are.

As for Sky you don't say if its HD or not? If its not then you could get a RGB scart to component convertor and then split this component output to both your amp and projector. However again these splitters can be expensive (£60) plus long cables.

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