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Jan 15, 2005
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i know theres alot of help me decide threads i have seached and looked and seached and looked and i just can not make up my mind or decide what plasma to go for

heres what i would like it to have

HD Ready (highest possible)
dvi (dont really need hdmi but would be a good future proof)
high rez

its bascily for a HTPC watching divx's (some in hdtv format)

my budget is £2000

any recomendations

please guys any suggestions would be greatfull

Panasonic TH-42PV500 no DOUBT ! All the connections you need great picture even analog is great extra + for SD connection which you can record on !!
search and you'll get the same three/four. we'd just be repeating what has been said hundreds of times.

panny PHD8 is prob best but more than £2000. can get DVI/HDMI cards for it.

not as good for HTPC but do-able = panny pv500, pioneer 436 (not sure about this/PC) and Hitachi pd7200. then theres the less reccommended philips/sony/jvc etc
Ched seems to have hit the nail on the head.

PHD8 with a scaler takes a lot of beating, also pw8 not to be overlooked.

For an all in one solution, the 436 and the PV500 seem to be "locking horns" to gain ultimate supremacy, also the H7200 has its followers.

That seems to be it for around 2k, + or - a few hours of overtime :)
It's ludicrous to suggest a HDMI only plasma for primary use as an HCPC monitor. DVI native res is a must have. Wash my mouth out, but I wonder what the new LG HD plasma would be like, they do have fantastic signal acceptance, or else the Pioneer 43MXE1, native res at 50 or 60Hz on DVI. You must have the video board to enable the 50Hz bit though.
HDMI is nearly impossible to do without grotesque overscan, unsuited to PCs. It always results in 2 lots of scaling, as no plasmas are native at video resolutions. I am told it's possible to get zero overscan on the 436, but it entails setting the output to something pretty ludicrous in powerstrip, and it's certainly not native res!
I am almost lost in my search for the right Plasma. I've taken on board most of the recommendations on here, but why are opinions so varied ? Panasonic, Pioneer and Hitachi seems to be splitting opinions.

Is it brand envy that one prefers one over another ? Or is one significantly better than the other ? Are people more persuaded by a magazine review
or have you genuingly compared one brand with another ?

I've got my eye on the LG - RZ42PY10X after reading the Home Cinema magazine review. It seems mainly positive, but it doesn't seem to be the
fashionable choice.

Would anyone laugh at me if i bought one ? Comparing
facilities, price and review it seems like a very good choice, after I seen one
compared to the equivilent Panasonic, Hitachi and Pioneer.. :smashin:
If you are after LG - RZ42PY10X I should get the new one LG 42PX5D with the new XD2 engine and is just £2000 +you don’t need digital box because is with built in free view tuner
Thanks for a reply. I will certainly look into the new set. Although I've already got Sky + so freeview is not really a requirement. But thanks anyway :cool:
Stainway, I don't suppose you'd know if the LG does native res on DVI at 50Hz? The LGE website is about as helpful as Comet UK, what res and timing does your screen support, it'll be in the manual. Most other UK sites you can download the manual and check, sadly not this one, unless I'm missing something.
Ah, thanks SP, wonder how swift they will be with the manual? The LG screens are not widely used by the more HCPC savvy members here, but I have an LG 32 LCD used as a 'design' monitor in the office, it has HDCP DVI which takes native at any frequency I have tried, and almost any PC res also. Horrid TV picture, quite unbearable, and deliverd with the worst settings of any display I have ever seen, but signal acceptance, out of this world, and the PC picture is pretty reasonable as big LCDs go. No blacks either, but not a problem for my uses.
No worries!

The RZ42PY10X manual might give an indication (DVI with HDCP)? in fact I guess that set would be an option in its own right.
I think I'd have to ry it before buying with the LG, at least as it's XGA there'd be no phaffing about, you could do it in a willing branch of currys! The easy way would be to borrow an iscan or something, and put some test patterns up at various frequencies. I'm not an XD engine fan, so wouldn't normally recommend the LG, but for HCPC, it throws a slightly different light on the things.
It will work just great with HDMI (with the right cable)-DDC protocol is present for RGB (analogue RGB) and for HDMI (digital rgb mode) .They provide also VESA Plug and Play solution. The set provides EDID data to the PC system with DDC protocol. The PC adjusts automatically to use this set. And with XGA Native Resolution 1024 x 768 it makes it very easy to give correct picture with almost every modern VGA card-Anyway I think 60HZ is recommended by LG.
Hope that 60Hz 'recommendation' is not compulsory, or everything in PAL land will jerk and judder it's way across the screen. I'd suspect that 50Hz is possible, it certainly accepts 50Hz with other signals, who's got a manual then?

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