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My new AV cabinet is getting too hot with everything running and I need to get some air into it. I am planning on using a 120mm Noctua NF-S12B ULN which shifts a good amount of air and is very quiet. The problem im having is trying to decide on the best power supply to use. The fan's specs are: Input power: 0.6W, Input Current 0.05A and Voltage range 12V. Im thinking of using a spare Netgear router power adapter (Input AC 240V 100Ma, Output DC 12V 1A). Is this power supply OK to use with this fan? Any advice or recommendations would be great.

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While I have no answers regarding your question, I can share with you my solution.

I have a dedicated 19" rack purpose built within a floor to ceiling cuboard. To prevent over heating I have 4" airvent to the outside wall, which includes a screw adjustment to control airflow. Then at the top of the cuboard I have an air intake to my mechanical venilation with heat recovary.

The heat from the rack provides the majority heat transfered to the cold fresh air being circulated to the rest of the property.
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