Help with connections.



Okkkkaayyy..i want to get the best possible. I have a 506XDE.


panasonic EH60D connected via component (input 2)

got sky+ connected via RGB scart to input 1

Got a technomate 5500DAPCI connected via CVBS scart to pio box (input 3) and RGB scart to the EH60D.

I have an old Pana HS2 dvd recorder which isn't hooked up yet. But I need to connect it up. I have no free sockets on the pio box.

So is the best option to loop the HS2 via RGB scart to the EH60D and get that to send the signal to the through the component to input 2?

If so that will mean both dvd recorders need to be on if I want to view the HS2?

Or is there a quick way to transfer the info on the HS2 HDD to the pc via ethernet port?

Can anyone suggest how to connect all these AV stuff up optimally without scart switcher?



Previously Liam @ Prog AV
I would give up and get a scart switcher!! Something like a quintro is all RGB and has a couple of outs to loop back into the recorders.

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