Help with connection Blu/ray player & equalizer


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Hi there
Can someone help please iam trying to get my equaliser, blu/ray player, and amplifier to work together.Could someone help with connections please.
pics attached


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  • JS31 AMP.png
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  • JVC SEA Equalizer.png
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That's an interesting combination of kit. Are you trying to use the Blu Ray player to play back CD's via the equaliser?

If so it would be analog stereo connections from the line out of the Blu Ray Player into the line in of the equaliser. Then stereo analog connections from the line out of the equaliser to an input on the amp, e.g. aux.


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Okay, it should work as detailed. You need a pair of RCA leads from the analogue stereo output of the Blu Ray into a line in on the EQ, then another pair from the line out of the EQ into an input on the amp.


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Great :)

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