Help with connecting SONY SA-WD200 Subwoofer ;-p



Hi all,

I purchased a Sony SA-WD200 Subwoofer about 3 months ago and would like to link it up to my Sony MHC-WZ8d DVD Hi-Fi system.

I have done this using the Standard Subwoofer connecting lead, I have turned the Subwoofer on in the settings menu on-screen and also turned the volume up to the maximum 10db setting, but sadly there is very little power coming through the subwoofer when I play music or a film.

I then tried hooking the subwoofer up via the speaker in and out terminals and this was much better - louder sound and clearer clarity. The trouble is, on the speaker terminal in port, I can't find a suitable connector to hold the speaker cables in place - I have to use bluetac!. It is a white plug that sticks out a little with a number of solid metal connection points inside. Can you help me and let me know what the type of cable I need is to ensure a secure connection?

I have attached a couple of images of the plug if this helps. Hope you can help.

Many thanks.

Greg Wheatley. :thumbsup:


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