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Question Help with connecting home cinema and tv - audio problem


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Hi - We have recently redesigned our home cinema room and I now have no sound when projecting tv from the virgin box. Set up is:
Optoma projector
Altius TV
Sony home cinema bluray box
Virgin Tivo box
X Box

Before the revamp we had:
Home cinema box connected directly to one HDMI port of the projector.
Virgin and X Box were connected into an HDMI 3 way switcher
From there into a 2 way splitter.
One output to the second HDMI port on the projector
The other to an HDMI port on TV.
Virgin box connected to home cinema box with a digital optical cable.

There is a 5.1 surround system linked to the home cinema box. This set up allowed us to watch TV on the projector but only if we also turned on the home cinema box and chose TV from the menu, as otherwise there was no sound. I think we also had to switch between HDMI ports on the projector as well.

Anyway - in an effort to streamline the system I have bought a matrix switcher box which allows all three boxes to be plugged in and all can be displayed on the TV or the projector. However, I now have no sound when viewing TV on the projector, and cannot switch to the TV setting within the home cinema as we used to, to pick up the sound. The virgin box is still connected to the home cinema box with a digital optical cable. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for your time.
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Oh - I was hoping no one asked that! Three things really -
1. I didnt actually check that I had connected the home cinema box to the virgin box with the optical cable! :( *hangs head in shame*
2. The sound was turned right down when we connected the boxes so we thought it still wasn't working - not really my fault as it shouldn't have been so low. Good thing my daughter thought of it or I might still be trying to fix it.
3. The home cinema box seems to be having a wobbly at times and crashed after we corrected the first two mistakes, so we thought it STILL wasnt working.

We rebooted the home cinema and went through its menu to pick up the audio from the 'TV' setting. Then chose the 'projector with virgin box' setting from the matrix switcher to get the video. And it worked! And would have all along if I hadn't been a numpty......

Now how do we get sound from the X box to the projector..................? :)

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