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Just got my PS3 from Hong Kong and cannot get it working using component. I am using my old PS2 component cable and when I switch the display settings to component I get no picture. All I can get at the moment is composite.

Does the PS2 component cable work or do I need a new one for the PS3?



How come you dint get one with the ps3 as these come as standard?


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No idea. No component cable included...just a composite cable.


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I bought a jap PS3, as far as I'm aware all PS3 only ship with composite AV cables. I got mine working with my PS2 component cable.

Try powering off your PS3 then when powering on hold the I/O (on/off) button for about 6 seconds, the PS3 will beep and will reset the default output options.

Have you updated your PS3 firmware (1.2 or 1.3) ?


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Decided yesterday tp try another component cable.....and for some mysterious reason it worked!!!

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