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Ok at the moment I have a Panasonic E30 and Sky+. It all works well but what I want to be able to do is get a DVD Recorder with a HD that will enable me to record from the hard drive to DVD whilst watching something else on Sky Any suggestions and what is the best supplier and price.



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If you mean dub a DVD-R frm the HD of the DVD recorder whilst watching Sky, all you need to do is feed either the VCR Scart, SVideo or RF Connection from your Sky+ box to any other input on your TV (or a switchbox).

That way, when your DVD Recorder is dubbing, you can still watch Sky, albeit not in RGB quality.

Go for SVideo first, then VCR Scart, then RF from best to worst...

As for best Recorder, I have only ever had the one, aPanasonic HS2. Does everything I want but if you go Panasonic, hang on for the E85. Same price as the HS2 but larger HD and a couple of other benefits.

It lacks a FireWaire & PC Card slots mind you....

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