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Obviously I’m a relatively new member and I have been reading various threads with interest.

I am considering buying a new TV and I would like some help and advice.
From what I have read plasma seems to be the way to go but I have not totally ruled out LCD.
The screen size would be around 40-50`` wall mounted, viewing distance 10`.

My main viewing would be Freeview, analogue, DVD (possibly through some sought of up-scaler at some stage), maybe PC input and Xbox 360, and BR or HD DVD in the future.

Panasonic and Pioneer are the direction I’m looking in, and I have seen some discussion on the commercial/business PH9 panels. Would this type of panel be suitable for me and what other equipment may I need?

Any suggestions or comments gratefully accepted. :lease:

BTW I've got the green light from the wife.:thumbsup:



With your sources, and possible upgrade to a processor/scaler, I'd say the PH9 is a very serious option. I take it you've read about separate sound systems, and would like to go 5.1 sound. That gives you the option of getting an AV amp to route all your audio and video. Makes it fairly simple for 'er indoors too, easier still if you stump for a Harmony or some such. You could build a killer system around the PH panel. It's the no. 1 or 2 choice for all custom installers, that or the Fuji. Fuji wins on appearance and out of the box performance, Panasonic on minimalist approach and price, very very watchable picture before the scaler appears.


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Forget LCDs, even the latest £2000 Sony braviar LCDs still suffer from motion blur (blocky bits).

Plasmas hardly suffer that, Pioneer is a good make but the size of the whole tv is in most cases much bigger than the panasonic version.


Thanks for the comments.

I've got an AV receiver and 5.1 so the lack of speakers on a panel is not a problem.

Does the panasonic, PH9, panel suffer from the Purple snakes that have been reported?

Is this a good deal from Web electricals,
"Panasonic TH42PH9 (Black) + 3 YEAR WARRANTY + Composite / S-Video Terminal Board (Silver) + FREE Harman Kardon DVD22 DVD Player" For £1289 + free delivery.

I was thinking a component and HDMI boards would be needed, right or wrong?

It's nice to know that there are people out there who are willing to spend time giving advice and guidance.

Thanks :hiya:

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