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Okay so, I’m usually a console gamer and was thinking of going to PC, I have a basic understanding of specs but I haven’t had a gaming Pc For like 10 years.
I’m not a competitive gamer I don’t play things like COD, i want to be able to play games like star field, elder scrolls and fallout etc that come out on the next gen consoles however I was debating on going down the PC route instead of buying the Xbox series x when it Releases. The laptop I’m looking at is an Acer Helios 300 with an I5 9300h, 8GB RAM, Nvidia 1660 TI graphics card. Would this play new games for the next few years with reasonable
graphics? I’m not too fussed on it having over the top graphics and frame rate for all new titles over the next say 5 years, aslong as it can play better than or at least on par with consoles. The reason I’m after a PC is mainly for things like 1) keyboard and mouse instead or controller 2) steam sales and indie games thatre only on PC 3) portability 4) I just generally got fed up of consoles 😅 this is the best option I’ve found in my price range so far (£1,100). Would this be a reasonable option especially being so much expensive than a console? Wouldn’t mind spending the money part way through to upgrade them RAM but would this be a good enough setup to play the next elder scrolls and other rpgs and have a decent life cycle? I’m not exactly rich so it is a lot of money to spend for me. If there’s also any other recommendations in this price range do let me know as It’s not too late to cancel my order


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Bluntly, if you are going to play on a laptop at that price - I would go for the XBox Series X. The Acer Helios specs look outdated already for a gaming machine.

Now, if you were going for a desktop - that is different - you will get more power for your money.

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