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Help with choosing a case.


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Hi all. I have been using my PC for over a year now as a HTPC but also as a gaming PC. I am currently using a xigmatek midgard case turned on its side and placed under the tv. I would like to change the case and house it in a proper HT style case.

I am currently looking at the Silverstone range of cases as they appear to be well priced compared to other makes.

My current specs are:
1 x Intel 40gb ssd
2 x 1tb hdds
1 x 400gb hdd
1055T @ 3.8Ghz
5.25 fan controller
1 x dvd drive
Atx Asus motherboard
Thermaltake thoughpower 750w modular psu
s350 sat card
wireless pci card
I am using a TRUE 120 cooler on the cpu at the moment but I think I will struggle to find a case that will be able to house the cooler due to the height.

I could loose the 400gb hdd and just use the ssd and two 1tb hdds.


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Would recommend to change processor heatsink to give yourself some more choice in cases. The TRUE is a great heatsink but not really suited to HTPC use!
- Scythe Ninja Mini: 115mm - fits nicely in my Lian-LI PC-C32B, which shoudl also accomodate all your hard drives, and even adds some basic drive dampening.
- Scythe BIG shuriken: 58mm

I also just spotted the Scythe Kozuti which is only 40mm tall... need to look into this!

With regards to cases, I too have been looking (although I am looking for mATX/mITX cases that are as low as possible, and less than 40cm deep, so different criteria from yours).

However, I built up quite a list of cases with their dimensions as posted on manufacturer websites. This may give you some ideas. Attached here as a tab delimited text file. It currently includes 44 cases from the likes of silverstone, AE origin, Karma, Wesena, Lian Li, Antec, and many more.
I have more columns in my excel source - let me know if you would like a copy and I'll work out how to upload it.
DISCLAIMER: the information included is by no means complete, nor can I garantuee it is correct. Please complete your own research prior to reaching conclusions or making decisions!!


  • caselist.txt
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Thank you for the information. I managed to order a Silverstone LC20B and two 92mm red wing silent fans delivered for £85 yesterday so should hopefully be with me today. I am just going to run it with the TRUE for now but leave the lid off. I was planning on ordering a Scythe cooler but they were out of stock so will be looking else where.

I did think about going for a smaller case and changing my board to a mATX but having a spu which takes up two slots, a wireless pci card and a s350 pci card I am limited to what boards I can go for and also I like the overclock and the board I was looking at was not up to spec.

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