Help with choosing a 37/40/42" LCD/LED TV


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wanted some expert opinion on which tv I should purchase. I want a 40" set that has great HD picture quality and decent standard def.

Just to give you a background I have had 5 samsung tvs from John Lewis, and all of them have been faulty. the first 3 were UE32c5800 (problems included: frame chipped, line in middle of screen) and now I have UE40d5520, which has major clouding/backlight bleed issues.

You may say Plasma - however when I saw plasma's and lcd/leds side by side in John Lewis, I didnt really like the picture of plasma compared to latest LCDs, or am I being naive?

Ive been having a look at the Sony KDL-40EX503, liked the look of it, but dont really like the thickness of it (this is something im willing to sacrifice though if I can get a model which has good picture and no major issues.

Which tv would you recommend for around £600-£800, which doesn't have so many issues (like backlight bleeding/clouding/buzzing noises/pixelisation, etc). I'm probably not going to go with Samsung anymore as I have lost faith in their brand.

Sorry for the long post. Thanks in advance for any help!


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I'll bite! After a month with my 40EX503 I have absolutely no regrets. Stunning picture on Freeview HD and Blu-ray, and no clouding/backlight bleed issues unlike my previous Panasonic LCD. It's thicker than some 2011 model sets, but this would only be an issue if you were planning to wall hang. Other than turning the backlight down to 3 and selecting full pixel, I haven't felt the need to adjust any of the other picture settings. I always stay well away from any of the Cinema settings. Upscaled SD is acceptable too. Certainly worth adding this set to your list of contenders.


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What is it about the plasma picture that you don't like - they often look dull in stores, 1) the settings of the LCDs/LEDs are often cranked up to look bling bling 2) Plasmas perform best in natural / normal lighting conditions, not under big store strip lights - they do have a softer, more natural hue. Go find a proper AV dealer that displays plasmas well and you'll be surprised.

You may prefer the brighter LCD, but you may have to live with the risk of clouding, iffy motion handling and weak blacks.


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You may be right, but I already have a plasma, and don't get me wrong it's great but when I saw LCD/ led and plasma next to each other I found the lcds to be sharper. I even got hold of the remotes and toned down the sets, so everything wasn't so dynamic! Lcds felt more real like.

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