Help with choice,don't know what to look for.


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Apr 29, 2006
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I am looking for an av with 5.1 speakers but without the dvd player. Looking for something slim like some of the sony ones. I have looked at some of the sony slim models but my dvd recorder doesn't have hdmi output, but my tv has hdmi. So looking for a slim type that allows me to connect to tv using hdmi but have maybe component or some toher connection from dvd. Prefer tall speakers too.
if you like the look of the slim sony ones, then they will do what you require. You don't need to use the HDMI inputs if you don't want to. The HTSF-1100 for example has optical and coax digital audio inputs.

You can link the DVD directly to your TV for video using scart / component, or what ever you like, and just have the sound being directed through the dolby 5:1 decoder.
Thanks jwindley, never thought of that. I thought that the video had to go through the amp too. Will this cause lip sync problems doing it this way though?

Also would prefer all black and not like the black/blue one that i have seen posted on here if there is one available

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