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Here is the system I use for playing CDs in the kitchen.....
  • Oppo DV-983H DVD/CD Player
  • Pioneer A-400X amplifier
  • Audio Alchemy DAC-In-A-Box
  • Monitor Audio BX1 speakers
So, not the greatest set of equipment in the world, but, they sound pretty decent for what I need.

Now then, the power supply for the DAC has failed and playing the Oppo direct into the amp does degrade the sound considerably and I am thinking that I need some sort of DAC in the mix!

Getting a replacement power supply is proving to be a bit tricky as it requires +15V and -15V fed into a stereo mini-jack plug. There is a promising one on eBay, but, that is around £35 and I was wondering if the money might be better spent on getting a more modern DAC.

However, I do not want to spend too much (£50 maximum) and wondered if there are any DACs around that would be better than the DITB or would I be better getting the power supply sorted?

Looking on eBay there are things like THIS. Are they likely to be any good or do you "get what you pay for?"

Suggestions welcome!

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Do you do any cooking in that kitchen? !
For £50 I would get a replacement PSU for your existing DAC - maybe even less!
The outboard box is just a simple transformer and some diodes - it was done this way to keep noisy mains away from the DAC - otherwise it play no other role. i.e. it is not part of the sensitive DAC circuitry.


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Does your Audio Alchemy DAC-In-A-Box look like this -

Audio Alchemy Dac in the Box; Compact Audiophile D/A Converter | The Music Room

In searching for these images, I did stumble across post from other people looking for a replacement power supply for this box. Whether they found a substitute or not, I did not investigate, but the conversation is out there.

Anyone know where to get an Audio Alchemy Power Supply | Audiokarma Home Audio Stereo Discussion Forums

There are plenty of low cost DACs out there, and if your budget is limited to £50, you should have many to choose from. dac digital to analog converter

What type if inputs do you need, and by that I mean USB, Optical, or Coaxial?

These are very modestly priced and both capable of 24b/192k -

Neoteck 192kHz Aluminum DAC Converter Digital Optical: Electronics

Avantree DAC Digital to Analog Audio Converter, Optical: Electronics

DACs like this need a simple 5V power supply, typically a USB Phone Charger, so getting a replacement in the future, should the need arise, should not be a problem.

If you want to step up your game and your budget a bit search out SMSL DACs on Ebay or Amazon, they seem pretty impressive for the money -

SMSL Sanskrit 6 Hifi DAC Amplifier Decoder, 32bit/192k: Electronics

SMSL M6 Asynchronous USB Optical Digital Hifi Stereo Decoder DAC 32bit 384KHZ Integrated Headphone Amplifier AMP Black: Car & Motorbike

SMSL M8 USB DAC Decoder XMOS Optical Coaxial Asynchronous 32Bit/384KHZ DSD Digital to Analog Converter Stereo Audio Silver: Hi-Fi & Speakers


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