Help with changing client names/mac address using ubiquiti controller


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Using the unifi network app on a android phone. I have set up a couple of ubiquiti ac lites access points in my house. While checking the connected clients on the app sometimes it shows the name of the connected device and sometimes just the mac address. Is there a way I can change the mac address so every time that device is connected it shows the name?
I want to do it ideally without having to purchase a cloud key. Can it be done via pc if i download ubiquiti controller for Windows? Will i have to adopt access points again? And if I connect them to the pc will the app on my phone still work? I want to change the name of all connected devices and then use phone app to see whats connected. Is this possible?
Can anyone help me or give me an idiot guide ;-)


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Don't know why it would be doing that, it only ever shows the name on the android app on my tablet. The MAC address isn't something you'll change to rename a device, as it's not the 'name' of the device but the network identifier. You won't need a cloud key to manage them.

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In the controller its really easy, you just go to the device in question, and change the Alias of the Device. Then it will always bring the Device's name up. You dont need to touch the MAC address

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