Help with centre speaker choice B&W VM1 or CC6?


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Hi guys,

Just starting out with my first setup and was after some advice...

I have looked around on the forum and I know the general sentiment is to match the L, C, and R as closely as possible but I was just wondering if someone could pass comment on the below situation.

I have a pair of B&W DM603's as Left and Right front, and have just picked up a pair of B&W VM1's to use as rear speakers... all running from an Onkyo SR608 with a Samsung PS50C7780 in the middle.

So now I'm trying to decide what to do about the middle channel. I've tried to attach a pic below (sorry for poor quality!) so you can see the setup, but basically to put in a large centre such as a CC6 will require me to do something with the TV... I can't wall mount it, so the only option would be to spend yet more money on a new tv stand that can accomodate the large centre.

My other option (much cheaper, both for the speaker and because it should fit in with my current setup) is to buy a third VM1 and use it as the centre channel.

What are your thoughts? Would appreciate any advice! :lease:


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