Help with CD player and external DAC...


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Hey guys!

My Sony CD changer finally pake dit in! It is almost 10 years old so I guess it's not surprising :eek:

Now... I have read all the DAc FAQs and found them to be WONDERFUL! I'm going to go with a Cambridge Audio S700 (or DAC Magic 2) whcihever Ican find.

What I need to know is :
Has anyone been to a Richer Sounds in North London and seen either of these models?

I want a 5-disc CD changer. I don't want an expensive one but I need one with an optical (or true 75 OHM BNC out).

Can anyone suggest a model and where I can get it?
I was thinking of the Pioneer PD F607 25 Disc CD Changer. Does anyone know much about this player?



The S700 DAC is discontinued. Good luck finding one of those. I would look on ebay or somewhere similar for DAC's. I bought a DAC from a friend on another forum for £60 (a Cambridge DAC3). Definetly try second hand, theres not much to go wrong with a DAC.

Personally I use a cheap ass Pioneer DV-350 as a transport into this DAC, and for less than £200 total, I have a CD player that sounds as good as most costing around £500.


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Cheers for that! What do you know about the Arcam Blackbox 50 DAC?

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