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Help with case against VW? (Not emissions)


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I have a petrol 2011 VW Passat estate, it has a panoramic roof that was leaking in December 2013 so the frame and seal was replaced under warranty.

Last week I noticed a drop of water come from the sunvisor mounting bracket, after some investigation I found water pooled at the front of the headliner when it meets the windscreen, I called VW as it was less than two years since the last roof was fixed to be told the roof and seal were only under guarantee until the end of the three year warranty, I know VW charge £2500 to replace the roof so I took it to my local trustworthy VW specialist who diagnosed a faulty seal where the frame of the panoramic roof meets the car, a new seal from VW is £50 but it's a very labour intensive job, the total bill could reach £650!

I've called VW and raised the issue, I know I won't see anything back in terms of money but I think it's unacceptable for a four year old vehicle to go through two roofs in four years, I'm waiting for a call back...


Embarrass them on twitter.
Amazing the power of twitter, your problem is seen by thousands of their followers.
I've made several tweets to customer services departments over the past year with great success.


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If you will not allow them to look at the car themselves why do you expect them to take your or your independent specialists word for it?


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There are Millions of VW's in the world and i bet they get all sort of complaints from all sorts of people, why should they think "Oh this ones from GrumpyoldGamer its got to be right we'll pay for the repair".
They don't know you from Adam, I'm guessing that your guy isn't on their approved list so obviously they reject his opinion.

Was the seal definitely fitted wrongly or has it failed? If its failed they quite rightly may want their supplier to sort the issue out or cover the cost of doing so, something they can't do without actually seeing the car.


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I may be misunderstanding this - but you had the roof repaired under the manufacturer warranty and now it's failed again? Who did the original replacement - VW or your independent?
I can't see how you can get around letting either a VW authorised dealer look at and quote for the repair or an independent vehicle assessor produce a report that shows the seal wasn't fitted correctly or was faulty if you want VW to foot the bill?


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It seems to me that the garage who did the fitting are at fault along with the original design/fitting.
If I were you I'd want at least the part cost covered by VW but you'd have to let them see it.
I hope you get what you are after, though I'm not sure what that is.


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If the frame was leaking after the 2013 replacement then you must bang it back to the Dealer and get it sorted by them ( I'm assuming it was the VW dealer who did the 2013 repair and not the Independent). I don't see how you can possibly expect the VW dealer to foot any Independent's bill until they've had chance to rectify the problem.

Sloppy Bob

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For the third time, I do not want any form of compensation!!!

So what's the point of the thread then?

Take it to your indy and pay for it yourself.


Allow a VW dealer to look at it to see if they agree it's either a fault or incorrectly fitted and they foot the bill.

Not doing the 2nd option is just cutting off your nose to spite your face IMO.
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