HELP with CAR SUBWOOFER being used at HOME


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Okay.. i have a Vibe Space 12" Car Subwoofer which is rated at 1000w RMS and 3000w peak. In the car this sub sounds amazing so i thought i would buy one for the home. The only thing is i completely forgot to read up about whether the resistance on the sub would let me hook it up to the amp i have.

So ... i have 1 powerpod 1060 amp which puts out 200w rms at 8 ohms

and i have the Vibe Space subwoofer in my custom built 2.5 cubic ft ported enclosure. Which is 1000rms and runs at dual 4 ohms.

I dont quite understand how the dual coil works out but here is how they reccomend you connect to a 2 ohm amp. (below)

Any help with this would be extremely appreciated and also does anyone have any idea how it would sound and if it will even be worth goin through all this hasssle. I know car subwoofers do not sound as good in the home but i thought i might as well give it a go. Also i have the amp that i use in the car although i have not found a way of powering this in the house. I have been told to use a car battery charger but this does not push out enough current for my beastly 1000W rms amplifier:devil:. Once again any help would be appreciated. :lease:


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Your dual 4 ohm sub is perfect and you can make 8ohms from this.

What you want to do is connect both voice coils in series, so thats one continous chain from the amplifier.

So thats the + from the amp to the + on one of the voice-coil terminals

Then a wire from the - coming from that voice-coil to the other +

Then finally a wire from the - the second voicecoil back to the - of the amp.

Be carefull you dont mix up the two voicecoils, the picture youve shown is wiring your sub in parallel, which is the exact opposite of what your trying to achieve.

Just google wiring a dual voice coil sub in series, you should find something, dont worry about the ohms because your sub is correct in that, just get the wiring configuration correct and your there.


Spot on dynamodav, good advice. I wonder what happened to our impatient new friend? Bumping a thread after 18 minutes must be a forum record...



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Thanks alot dynamodav :)

it works PERFECTLY now :clap:

one question for you guys.. its currently in a 2.5cu ft ported box..tuned to 33Hz. This is the reccomended size when being used in a car but i notice most home subwoofers are much larger. Would making a larger enclosure help with the sound as currently it is sounding more like a vibration machine. :oops:

sorry 4 my impatience earlier:suicide:

thank you


No problem :)

Go here LinearTeam

and download WinISD. It will allow you to design the right sized box for your driver.



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Because you havent got the massive cabin gain in a room like you have in a car, you will need a bigger and lower tuned box to hit the lows.

try around 4.5 cube tuned to 25 hz.

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